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I can TOTALLY appreciate fancy, handle-with-care furniture. I just can’t buy it, since I share a home with two kids, a dog, and a cat—plus a husband who wants to put his feet on the coffee table. I was super psyched when the clever duo behind Young House A new line maximizes space and offer up something for pets and their two-legged masters. Homes built with cats in mind have proven that furniture can be accessible for pets and humans, which is why lifestyle brand ‘THE9LIFE’ have gone on to create HE is 36 years old and is by most accounts the current superstar on the French design scene. His name is Philippe Starck and his minimal, linear furniture and spare, contemporary interiors are nearly as recognizable as he is himself – a charming hulk of a Love minimalist and ultra-refined luxury furniture? Maison by International Furniture Brands brings Armani/Casa to teh city, that can update the look of your home A space that is intimate, very special yet at the same time both comfortable and “People want something thin, light, minimalist and multifunctional,” she said Ben Homola, who co-founded the Washington and Baltimore furniture shop Trohv with his wife, Carmen, said there’s a widespread misconception that small spaces call for Lots of colors and designs can appear busy and even give the feel that your walls and furniture are a cacophony rather than comfortable living space. Choose a single color or color theme to bring minimalist harmony to your home. “If you have a .
Foreign and local interior design firms were let loose in the apartments, decking them out with furniture and paintings in five themes, including minimalist and a classic European style. They will be available for an additional sum, ranging from $100,000 My minimalist philosophy gives me a unique angle on personal I explore strategies that save space and money — two things most of us can use more of! Today’s focus: furniture. It’s both a major household expense and a major space-gobbler. In a dramatic departure from its traditional image of a Colonial living room loaded with sturdy Early American furniture, Ethan Allen has introduced a new line of Minimalist Furniture. Its accompanying ad campaign features near-surreal photography and the The new range of HUSET (Swedish for ‘the house’) dolls’ house furniture includes mini-reproductions of some of the more popular fixtures in IKEA’s collection, including a sofa, storage unit, table, rug, chair – even a heart cushion. The result is a dolls .

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