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VICTORIA — When was the last time you played table tennis at a hotel? Probably never. Or spent time in a hotel lobby listening to vinyl records on a state-of-the-art turntable while lounging in a purple chair that could easily accommodate a small family? The fashion label Marni debuted the second incarnation of its furniture offshoot, 100 Chairs, during Milan’s design week. Milan-based Marni has been a leader in luxury ladieswear for almost two decades now (and has subsequently launched men’s and The “Gravity Stool” turns traditional furniture on its head. Dutch designer Jólan van der Wiel “grows” his furniture using only magnets and a mix of plastic and iron filings. The result? Each piece is unique and something that looks like it came from A part of furniture-making for me is making it sort of fun.’’ Hundreds of handmade furniture makers are descending on Boston this week for a giant conference at MIT where everything from green workshop techniques to 19th-century styles to laser beams Yet that’s exactly what London-based artist Gigi Barker had in mind when she designed a line of Funky Furniture that looks –and smells– just like its owners. Say what?? In what seems like a super-human or super-weird undertaking, Barker, as part of her NEW YORK — Home furnishings from the 1950s have bounced back into favor. So much so that New York’s premier auction galleries are selling them. Could it be that their exuberant, novel forms turn heads? Or that their easy care is ideal for today’s fast .
CREATIVE and funky designs have helped an East Yorkshire business celebrate a multi-million-pound turnover and make plans to expand its business. Goole-based Elite Office Furniture has been supplying state-of-the-art products since 1986, when it began “We strive to create a balance between furniture and housewares and new items and food and “A lot of people who come to the Philadelphia market are a younger crowd, and they want more funky, eclectic things.” Angie Nilsen pulled from her back pocket .

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