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Peter likes to say that every hotel designer should spend at least two nights in every room he or she designs. That rule holds true for the bathroom–two days of showers, bathing, make-up applications and more. As you might expect, not all bathroom design “I’ll go to a National Kitchen & Bath Association meeting, and there will be three bathroom designers and 150 kitchen designers there,” says Carolyn Thomas of Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Baths. It’s a now-common complaint in the home-design community Building Teams for apartments, senior living, and other multifamily residential projects may be seeing gray this year, at least in kitchens and bathrooms. Gray color schemes for both types of spaces have grown dramatically in popularity, according to a new You could fit an entire bathroom from a 1950s house into one of today’s shower stalls. Back then, the average bathroom was no bigger than five by seven feet. A shower recently installed in a Great Falls home by Chandler Fox of Foxcraft Design Group was WaterDream: The Art of bathroom design, a thought-provoking new exhibit exploring the history of the bath, will debut at the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) on June 26th and run until September 24th, 2011. Organized by Bangert Verlag, an award-winning Small bathrooms are often cramped, unpleasant spaces, but this doesn’t have to be so. Use some of these purposeful design elements to make your small bathroom look and feel bigger! The sink and vanity are, in all probability, the monstrous duo .
To make bathrooms that are fit for indulgent pampering, Bathrooms in the Making offers bathroom renovation and bathroom designs Adelaide customers have solution for the management of renovation ideas – from concept to completion – in order to take Many people thinking of renovating their own bathroom take inspiration from across the world, creating a fusion of styles that perfectly matches their own idea of a spa-like sanctuary. From the treehouse-inspired safari bathrooms of Malaysia, to the shabby Interior designers, architects or any one of us now can design a dream bathroom on computer or iPad, thanks to a new released app by UK-based Ellis Furniture. Consumers can download the free app from Nov.2012 via the Bathroom Styler App and at www Sometimes it is hard to get started designing a room when there are some many styles and approaches to choose from. Bathrooms are particularly difficult to picture unless you have an example image in front of you. In that spirit, here are twelve bathroom .

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